Panthrakikos U20 2-1 AO Kerkyra U20

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Sunday, 21 april 2013 08:30

21 Apr 08:30 start the match Panthrakikos U20-AO Kerkyra U20. H2H Panthrakikos U20 AO Kerkyra U20Before the match, Panthrakikos U20 is ranked 11 in the table, while AO Kerkyra U20 is located on the 14 place. You can compare both teams on website: H2H Panthrakikos U20 AO Kerkyra U20.

The result in the previous match both teams: 0:0. Match result: draw

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Last matches AO Kerkyra U20:
Direct matches:
16 dec 2012, Super League U20
08 apr 2015, League for Various/Mixed Matches

Panthrakikos U20

AO Kerkyra U20

Substitute players:
# Team G PTS W D L G+ G- GD

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